Soundopia 2016 (part II Hardtek)

Soundopia is a community born in 2016 to make UAE warriors vibrate under the full moon light for monthly 24h journeys into psychedelic sounds. I made a two rounds selection to give a small taste of my appearance into these journeys.

This second hour is a pure 190 Bpm onward madness into hardtek. Those sounds has been dropped after full psy night mixes around the swimming pool and surrounded by desert. Only true raver which mostly didn't sleep during the past night could have heard and been able to jump on these fast notes under the heavy UAE sun and that made the experience soooo trippy!

I'm also proud to say that 100% of the sounds are coming from french producers, fais péteeeeeer!

Enjoy ;-)

Mr Hat

Mr Hat facebook

Soundopia facebook


Style: Hardtek/raggatek/hard core/French core

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